Thursday, May 25, 2017

Music Video Finale

P3T7 Dancing King from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Intro your team & explain how/why you chose the song
 In our GT class we are starting a music video. My teammates are Julian, Sophia, and Stephanie. Their blogs is in the bottom of this paragraph if you want to check it out. We are doing Dancing King by Exo. It's a Korean song. We hope that this project will go well.

Describe storyline you created & how it relates to lyrics
 Our storyline is about a group of friends see a poster. And one of our friends say, "Let's join this". We all agree to joining and were all fighting for the prize which is a crown. All of us dance to win the crown. This connects with the lyrics because it's saying that Dance with me all night. Get your body in the hot rhythm. And it's mostly about dancing.

Evaluate the degree this MV showcases your best work
 In my opinion, this is the hardest project in my first G.T. year. There were many challenges like, meeting up, focusing, cooperating, and many more. And the most challenging part is that we have a Korean song. But we still had to fight through it and do the best we can so we can produce the highest quality of music videos. I know me and my team can do it, but we need to put a lot of effort in this project. And I've been seeing it in my team. There getting along and working together. We all hope to get an A on this project.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

 Explain project & how you contributed to the plan
  Our movie trailer is called "Xlll Memory". Its about a girl named Xiamina who lost all her memory except the number 13. Later on in the story, she is introduced to a boy named Jay. Jay remembers Xiamina when they were kids but Xiamina doesn't remember Jay. Then, the father tells her not to talk to Jay ever again.

 Describe your biggest challenges & successes
 Our movie trailer is going very well. But we just have to finish 2 more scenes and 1 more movie poster. Me and my partner are working on the editing and my other partners are working on the movie poster. This is a really challenging project because we have to meet up and our friends house and record. But all of us could make it so it's not really a problem. I really think that we can finish this movie trailer and be the best it can. We put a lot of work into this project and were not stoping now! I know my group can achieve this project because of our hard work and effort. Out of all the projects I did this year, I think this is the most funniest project.

Summarize critique results & what you learned
 We did really well on our critique. Our group got a 3 way tie on 3rd place. This whole movie trailer was both challenging and fun. We met up and got all our scenes done to produce the highest quality of a movie trailer we can. For me I learned that working together and contribute will help make anything good. This was the best movie trailer experience of 2017.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

I: Describe the project goal & animation types used
On Friday, we first got into our groups. The group had to have 2 genders or 2 grade levels. After that, our group talk about what our 2 focus statements were. We decided to do Bunny Attains Wings and Gazelle Develops Bravery. The goal was to follow the project rubric. Create 2 focus statements with your group.

B: Explain your focus statement, each scene & plot
Our focus statement is "Bunny Attains Wings". We will be focusing on getting our plan approved. "Bunny Attains Wings" is about a Bunny who wants to fly and explore more than he can. Bunny is a curios flier who likes to explore. But her friend, Cat, is always worried about Bunny. She is straight forward and demanding. Then theres the Hawk who is helpful to Bunny. I honestly like "Bunny Attains Wings" better than "Gazelle Develops Bravery".

C: Conclude by reflecting about your team’s results
Our group did an excellent job on the Metamorphosis Animation. We got second place in our period. For me I think that we did well! The editing was good the music was good and just the whole animation was real1y good. But the challenges were that it was time consuming. We got it finish, but it took a lot of time and effort to finish our animation. After we were all done with the animation, I was thinking that I got to really know my partners well. We went to my partners house to do some of the animation. The animation was really fun to do with others. Because If we didn't have partners, I probably wouldn't finish if we didn't have any partners to work with. I really hope we can do this again next year! And this was my whole Metamorphosis Animation experience of 2016-2017!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I: Are facial expressions universal, why or why not? I think that facial expressions are universal because I found an article called Kairos. People looked at 1 photo and there facial expressions were different. Everyone has facial expressions like joy, disgust, anger, surprise, sadness, anger and fear. And this is why facial expressions are universal.

B: Explain how you created this project step-by-step The steps to creating this project was you need to have a picture. After you have picture, you need to put on photo shop. Then you need to make arrangements with your tools. Then I drew a line in the middle of my face going. Then you need to make triangles on the any side of your face. ( You don't need to do the whole face only half). Then color in your triangles using the polygonal lasso tool. Then your portrait is finish.

C: Compare & contrast your Poly-1 & Poly-2 images
My first Poly-1 was with lines. But my Poly-2 wasn't with lines so it kind of made it a little hard, but it was still easy. The comparison with these two portraits were they both consisted of triangles. For both portraits, they were made from a polygonal lasso tool. Both portraits were hard to make in my opinion, but it turned out very well.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Verbal Landscapes


Describe different ways nature impacts your life

The way I interact with nature is to be with nature. I would be silent or breathing calmly. Sit down where it's quiet outside. Also I would play with things that's nature. Or lay down and look into the skies. And this is how I interact with nature.

B: Explain how timelapses & slow-mos are created
Slow-mos are created by closeup shots of something that is recorded and made slower. Slow-mos should be close up because you can see the object closer and slower. Time lapses are created by a wide angle view. The shot is a regular video that you can make it faster or even reverse clip it. Which means to make the clip faster. Thats how Slow mos and time lapses a created

C: Discuss the hardest part & your favorite part of it
The hardest part about this project is probably the editing. The editing is some what hard because you have to trim a lot of videos and make the right adjustment for them. And you have to make the right noise level for the video. The favorite part of this project is learning about new tools in FCPX. I've never used Final Cut Pro before and this is the best experience yet. I can really get used to doing this a lot if I can understand it a lot.

My results for my video critique were, 4 Exemplary, 10 Accomplished, and 13 Developing. I was very happy with my score. I thought that I wouldn't really get a 4. I think I need to work on keeping the camera stable. Because in some parts of my video was a little un stable. And that is why I mostly got a 2 on my video. But I know that I can improve in the future.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Poetry is a way a person expresses their feelings about something. They can write about about what they hate or what they love. Poetry can be expressed in any way.

Civil engineer

    When I grow up I want to be a civil engineer. For my opinion on being a civil engineer you have to get good grades in high school and college. If I were a civil engineer I want to help my community and make the world a better place. Their are many kinds of civil engineer, but the one i want to be is to construct roads and buildings.

I use rhyme by using a simple word and finding that same kind of word. I use rhythm by starting with a beat and add more beats with it. Thats how I use rhyme and rhythm.